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Financial challenges can happen to anyone. Good, fiscally responsible people are often affected by injury or illness, misinformation by trusted institutions, and a variety of other situations that can quickly lead to debt. When it feels like debt is overwhelming and there is nowhere to turn, turn to us.

At Lampley Law Office, we are here to help you regain control of your finances and get back on track through bankruptcy. While bankruptcy has carried a negative stigma in the past, seeking relief under the bankruptcy code should not be taboo. Bankruptcy is nothing anyone should be ashamed of. Our firm is committed to helping our clients understand that bankruptcy is a tool that can keep them moving forward with their lives. From our Fort Myers office, we represent clients in Lee County, Collier County and Charlotte County.

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Types of Bankruptcy

Instead of avoiding debt and financial difficulties, let us help you determine which type of bankruptcy is right for you. Our dedicated bankruptcy attorney can explain the differences between the types of cases our firm handles, including:

  • Chapter 7: This type of bankruptcy is a personal bankruptcy where debts are wiped from your financial record. Chapter 7 is often known as liquidation bankruptcy.

  • Chapter 13: In Chapter 13 bankruptcy, debts are restructured and a payment plan is put in place. This allows you to get on top of what you owe in a reasonable manner.

  • Chapter 11: For Chapter 11 cases, our firm focuses solely on representing small businesses. Chapter 11 can help small businesses deal with their debt and stay in business whenever possible.

Life After Bankruptcy

Yes, there is life after bankruptcy. In most cases, life after bankruptcy is one that is less focused on financial worries and more focused on the enjoyment of your life. Filing for bankruptcy may be a stressful decision but once made, we will be with you at every stage of the process. Once the bankruptcy is closed, you will be free from debt and have a positive financial future.

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